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The Wolf Pack Culture Program is an honest and to the point training program for serious leaders. Punches will not be pulled; the kid gloves are off and leaders will all receive honest feedback.

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Delivering Results

The Wolf Pack Culture Program is for only serious teams. This program is designed to strengthen your culture, improve your leadership skills and set you on a path to great success.

Unlike traditional team events, this program will last up to 12 months. Through this program you will be held accountable to your own outcomes to ensure real success is met as a leader.

Through the Wolf Pack Culture Program, we work with you and your leadership team to develop their hard & soft skills, foster a positive culture within your workplace and ultimately give you knock on effects through the whole business.

When you have a positive workplace culture, you can expect higher levels of productivity, less sick days, higher profits and generally more success as a total entity.

Holding all parties accountable is where leadership is forged, bonds are made and trust is built.

We will work with you to set goals for the team as a whole and as individuals. This isn’t pass/fail, the only way through is pass. The team will work together to strengthen their bonds and succeed.

Delivering results

 If you are serious about develoing your team, improving your workplace culture, strengthening your leadership team and are willing to hold yourself & others accoutable, this program is for you!

What’s included

3-12 months

A serious dedication to results over this 3-12 month program

Team Event

Half to Full day team event to being program and outline goals

Fully Customised

The program entierty is customised for your team. From the result objectives, delivery to coaching programs

100% Accountability

With weekly to fortnightly accountability check in’s wiht each team member, no one will be alowed to fall behind

Result Focused

The Wolf Pack Program is desinged to see real, mesurable results. With results in mind, a portion of the fee is held to ensure you reach your results.


Each member will have their own workbooks, and leadership guide to help them keep on track

Individual & Team Coaching

The team is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Each member will have access to personalised coaching

Culture Development

Developing your workplace culture and strengthening your team & business


Report & Future Plan

Following the completion of the program, you receive a full report & ongoing objectives

How does it work?

What are your pain points? What’s holding you & your team back? Why are you and the team not reaching your full potential?

We work with you to set your goals and objectives which are clear and measurable.

Be it reduce sick leave by 15%, improve annual staff retention by 33% or reduce customer complaints by 50%.

With clear goals and objectives set, we build you the most powerful team transformation event.

It all kicks off with a full day, engaging, relevant and powerful team event which is the catalyst for the change and success to come. This event will get your team in the right mindset, with the right motivation, tools and remind them of their network and support structure to reach the goals set out.


Now the real work begins…

Each member receives their Success guide which is customised for your unique goals. Every member will outline their own personal goals, areas of development and desires as they relate to reaching the team’s goal.

Our coaches then review everyone’s personal objectives wihtin 5 days of the event & provide induvidual plans for the coming months.

Once a week to fortnight each individual will have a 1:1 accountability session with the Director of Premier Leadership, to ensure everyone is following through on their goals and targets, addressing any issues which may arrise and adjust the team accordingly.


What's included

This is a serious, indepth 3-12+ month program where we build your leadership team, power your workplace culture, develop individuals and hit serious measurable targets.


Success Guide

Each team member receives their own custom Success guide which outlines the goals of the program, targets both persoannly and professionaly, tools to help overcome challenges and task to build them as powerful leaders

Measurable goals

What you can not measure you can not manage

Before we commence any aspect of this program our team works with you to set some clear, measurable results. Set parameters in place to track performance to allow you to monitor your success

Powerful team event

Before any great change there is a catalyst, the spark before the fire; and this is yours.

This full day, immersive team event becomes the calatalys for your change, the success your team and business will experience


Unlike your normal team events this program is built on accountability which is why once a week to fortnight every team member receives 1:1 coahing to ensure goals are being met & challenges are being overcome.

On call support

We aren’t just two ships passing in the night, we are part of your team and with that is our on call support!

You will have full access to our coaching team & Director so that IF you have a hurdle you can’t seem to climb over, you can receive the support you need then and there.

Result guarantee

Regardless of your duration of program we have a results guarantee. 

10% of the cost for your program is witheld by you and only released WHEN we hit the results.

This holds us equally accountable for your success

Action plan

It doesn’t end when the clock runs out. The skills and drive we coach you to reach become part of you. Which is why we supply you an action plan to help keep you on track with your next goals and objectives. Supplying you with the tools to replicate again and again




Short Questionnaire

Take our short 2 minute questionair to see if you and your team suit this program

Program Proposal

Post questionair and goal setting process we provide a proposal to you and your team. Outlining the program, goals, objetives and methods to ensure program suitable for your needs

Goal Setting

Discuss with our team to our team your goals and objectives to outline program

3-12 month prgorams


Packages are all custom tailored to you and your team. Contact our team or take the questionair to get a detailed esrtimate on your program and pricing


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