About US

Premier Leadership is the sister company of Australia’s Premier Team Building Company. As the company grew, the demand for a premier level leadership development company was needed; and so we created Premier Leadership.


01. Customised

You are unique, your business is unique; which is why you deserve a unique coaching solution.

Our coaching and all programs are dedicated to giving you a customised program to ensure results are met and you received the best outcome possible.

02. dedicated

Our coaches and consultants are dedicated to deliver pure excellence. Which is why we work with a limited number of clients and ensure that all prospective clients meet our pre-requisites.

When you work with one of our coaches or consultants we ensure they are dedicated to your on going development and take a limited number of clients.

03. Experienced 

With over 17 years of International Experience, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. From working with & for Amazing bosses to being employed by some of the worst.

We’ve seen the good, the bad & the ugly side of leadership, which has give our team a unique insight to best serve you

Importance of leadership

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Leadership Development is key for any business. Without a strong leadership team or worlplace culture, a buisness is bound to struggle and fail over time.

Businesses around the globe are seeking extrodanary leaders, watching thei competitors to see who is leading their team. If you are wanting to stand out within the industry or your business leadership is your answer.


of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels


of organizations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 5 years

Your leaderhsip support team


Pip Scott-Allen

Pip Scott-Allen

Director & Head Coach

Our Canadian Leader of Awesome, Pip brings passion, knowlede and dedication to the idustry and to his clients.

He has worked with teams of all size, youth groups and has a passion for building amainzg leaders. 


Leadership Development

Developing powerful leaders to change the world, improving the fundamental skills of leadership.

Culture Development

Powering you company by bilding your workplace culture. Improve connections, trust and morale.

Communication Skills

Powerful leaders communicate effectively. Communication skills are crucial for a successful team.


What We Do Best



We consider we work for you, dedicate ourselves to your success. We apply a high level of focus to you and your success.


 No two people, no two teams are the same; which is why no two programs or coaching solutions are the same. We only offer customised services as that is what you deserve.


We know how it feels to work for bad bosses & managers. We care too much to let you do that or feel that way, ever again.


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